Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, December 22, 2005

EcoQuest HNT

The Romans tainted their water with lead as a consequence of using lead pipes ("lead" is plumbum in Latin, and the root of our word "plumber"). Our civilization taints our water with chloramines. It does keep micro-organisms from living in the water, but it kills anything that absorbs water through its skin (fish, amphibians). Mammals are safe from death when they drink chloramine water because our liver takes care of the mild toxin.

However, we do absorb a fair amount of water through our skin when we bath or shower. I grew tired of the sores on my skin, and bought this EcoQuest filtering showerhead from my friend Donna McCaskey. It's got a little charcoal filter in it, and is supposed to reduce or remove the additives that the water company uses to make water "safe."

Hot, steamy water is great fun, but some percentage of those additives are volatized and then breathed in. Want a nice dose of chlorine in your morning air? I don't. Hot, steamy water opens your pores, and the additives are transported straight into your body, bypassing your liver. Want to poison your flesh? I don't.

For Half-Nekkid Thursday, here are before and after pics of my leg. On the left, what I looked like before installing the EcoQuest showerhead, and on the right, what I look like now. It's been a few months of showers. The greatest improvement happened quickly, within two weeks, but I still see mild healing to this day.


  1. Wow that is something special. Who would have thought the difference it's made. Thanks for the info. Happy HNT

  2. ack?! where did you get this?! i need this - i have the most sensitive skin - it looks like a god send - tell tell tell!!!

    femimommy @ gmail . com

  3. My friend Donna sold it to me. She's an EcoQuest representative, and while she LOVES working in person with people, I bet she'd sell you one over the phone and internet.