Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ecological Footprint

Sorry to be posting this so late, but I was on a knitting blog and it had a link to a link to a conservative t shirt website. I visited it because I wondered how my own shirts compare, but it meant the words printed on the shirts rather than the style. The shirt-messages made me so sad that I had to think of something to add to the internet to get closer to equilibrium.

The amount of energy and resources you use as you go about your business is known as your "ecological footprint". A small one is good. They increase when you live in a very large house, when you travel a lot, when you eat meat, all of that. Mine is horrible, but by American standards I am doing really well- the overlarge size of my house is balanced by it's age (new construction is so much worse for the planet than reclaiming old spaces), I barely fly anywhere, lots of my food is pretty local, and I never drive anywhere.

I am about to share an easy way to reduce your ecologial footprint (I am providing my own drumroll with knitting needles, and that is known as "foreshadowing"): you must learn to knit! It will occupy your hands and mind so that you don't need electricity for anything but illumination! Particularly engaging projects will help you eat less often, as you can't possibly stop when you are in the middle of a row. Knitting is especially nice to do at home, which means you will not need to exploit the earth for oil for transportation. And obviously, you can keep the heat turned down when you have fingerless gloves, wristbands, hats, scarves and sweaters. (so far I can only knit scarves. But I'm thinking about a hat.)

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