Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Good morning, Half-Nekkid Thursday community! (If you want to know more, perhaps too much more, visit the home of HNT by clicking the button in my sidebar)

I was asked what HNT has to do with sustainability. To me, it's clear that the green building movement has finally gotten some legs under it. Living in a sustainable society, however? It feels like we're still stumbling along, practicing over-consumption and security through isolation and wall-building. The practice of reaching out to others, in tenderness, creating community through trust and vulnerability, is the true path to feeling safe and secure.

It's the difference between having your safety imposed upon you, or discovering the well-spring of peace and security that resides within and is every person's birthright.


  1. Cool pic. Looks like you wanted to stay in bed. Happy HNT

  2. Smell the coffee? Cheers and happy HNT!

  3. Nice shot! Looks very snuggley....


  4. I could wake up to that.

    Piercing, lovely eyes, mmmmmmm.

    Happy HNT.

  5. i love it!... very honest...

    aloha, ff

  6. I think you look most delicious when you just woke up.

    Happy HNT!

  7. I love this shot!! Very sexy :)
    Wonderful eyes!

  8. Ahhhhhh, if only the internet was around back when I was dating...

    Tammy: thank you, very much.
    Furzl: yep. Getting up is the hardest thing I do before 11 am :)
    Marcel: ABSOLUTELY!
    QoA: That it is, my dear.
    Tess: Heh. I get to wake up to it every day!
    Firefly: That's me! Honest all over.
    Wenchy: (a delightful shiver passes down my spine...)
    Chelle: Me? Sexy? Um...