Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sparrow range, expense update

We've driven over 400 fuel-free miles in the EV so far. That's 320 miles of green-powered transportation, because Alameda Power and Telecom electricity is generated with less than 20% fossil fuels: 13% natural gas, 5% coal, less than 1% nuclear. Taken together with the hydro and geothermal, AP&T only puts out about 160 lbs of CO2 per MWh of generation. A coal plant spews over 1800 lbs of CO2 per MWh! In an average car, those 400 miles cost $56 to drive, and release 380 lbs of CO2.

In my EV, these 400 miles cost $15 to drive, and released 18 lbs of CO2. I bet running or biking I'd have exhaled more CO2 than that.

Joe sums up Peak Oil and near-term impacts for you.

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