Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Small people come first

The kids are at their evening classes, Xena is out, and so YAY! I can spend an hour working really hard and fast--


"Hello, Mr. van de Walle?" I recognize the voice, it's one of my son's tweenage friends. "My parents can't pick me up yet and the library is closing. Could you please give me a ride home?"

Dusk's twilight is quickly becoming true night. While my clients have paid me money to work on their projects, a child's security trumps that. The library is one block from my house. I answer,

"Sure. Did you need me to get you, or is it still light enough you can walk over?"

"I can walk to your house."

Four minutes later she's on my front step. With another phone call and some choreographing, we work out that her dad will be over in less than half an hour. No big deal. She sits down and gets out some homework. I get back to designing a business card. Xena comes home, the girl's dad pulls up, and just before the girl gets in the car to go home, she tells my wife,

"The best thing that happened today was the library closing almost as soon as I got there. That's the kind of day today was. I hope I get some work done tomorrow."

Heh. Don't worry, young lady, even if you line everything up really solidly, something could still come along and derail your efforts. It's one reason why flexibility is such a valuable skill.

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