Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Live in a $600k home for a $400k loan

Does that look crazy? That a two-bedroom, one bath (according the county records) home over 100 years old, will sell for $600k? Or that I might be able to purchase it with a $400k loan?

The whole thing is one wacky ride.

I had a very good meeting with my investment partner on Tuesday and again today. I spoke with my landlady, and things are moving forward. I'm getting an appraisal, since that'll be our starting place for the negotiations.

I'm enjoying capturing this process so I can set up a series of house parties for my area. I'll be able to assist other people into partnership home purchases. I already have real estate professionals who want to be part of that. They can see it's a way to move people out of renting and into ownership.

Lookit that, Robert van de Walle, the catalyst. Heh: and in a realm where I was pretty sure I had nothing to offer.

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