Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, September 12, 2005

Third things first

My to-do list never gets shorter. I suppose that's good; as long as the Universe has work for me, I can know it's not done with me. I finish the most urgent things, work on the most important things, and review items further down the list. That I never get to doing. New important tsasks become urgent, and new urgent tasks also fill the vacancies faster than I can create them.

Eventually, the burden of carrying around all those undone tasks blocks me from working on anything.

I have no underwear to wear. Doing my laundry is far down my list. It's seldom urgent, and not nearly as important as returning phone calls and whipping up a graphic design for a client. Working puts money in the bank, so that's pretty darn important. Doing laundry puts clean clothes in the dresser drawers. Not as important. I can use money to buy groceries. I can't use underwear to buy groceries.

So I get stuck, and can't come up with anything creative as I work. Because I have no clean underwear. After struggling to let go of worry about the underwear situation, and failing, I finally go start a load of whites.

And now, having cleared that bit of anxiety, I can get back to being an awesome graphic designer and Art Director.

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