Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, September 10, 2005


At dinner:

Caitlan: "What superpower would you be bummed to suddenly wake up with?"

My son: "Stretchy eyes, like a slug. I could see around corners. The worse thing would be if you couldn't bring them back into your skull."

Caitlan: "Or X-ray vision, but nothing else. What could you really do with it?"

My son: "Or the power to talk to goldfish! With three-seconds of memory, it'd be like: 'What's your name?' and the fish would say 'Sherbert.' And then you'd say, 'Your name is Sherbert?' And the fish would say, 'It is?'"

Caitlan: "Or telekinesis of only very small things. You'd be so frustrated that you couldn't say 'Come here, backpack!' but you could say 'Come here post-it notes!'"

Me: "I'd hate to find out I had one stretchy toe. My supervillain alert would be: 'Evil is afoot!' Wait a moment while I take off my shoe."


  1. Caitlan added "Weak Gecko Powers." stuff would stick to your fingertips but you wouldn't be able to climb walls.

  2. Yeh, aren't kids great? You just wait, yours are going to continue to astound you.