Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Eat that!

My friend Nika and her friend KC celebrate birthdays together. They're 106! There was plenty of cake: a round cake, a fruit tart, and a pair of princess cakes... so obviously the pink princess cakes had to get dresssed up in a bikini to come to the party! What's in booby cake? It's lighter than you might think. Quite nice, sweet and creamy/foamy. I found myself attracted to the fruit tart.


I find that I can barely hold my own in conversation in the company of sexually secure, powerful women. It's a good challenge for me: can I be entertained, respectful, and a little ribald without being gross? I really enjoy powerful, secure women. Heck, I enjoy the company of anyone who's alert, turned on, and truly conscious. I'm blessed to know several people who fit this description. If it's a woman, the bonus is she's likely pleasing to look at and listen to, as well.

I reached over the princess cakes to get at the fruit tart. "Here," says a guest, "Let me move this out of the way." She moves one cake a bit.

"Don't be moving boobies out of my way!" I say.

"Oh, well, excuse me, I certainly wouldn't want to be the one moving boobies out of your way!" And she pushes the cake back.

I brought balloons to twist into hats and animals. Someday I might write about the Greatest Balloon Hat Ever Made. My son made it at KFOG's Kaboom! a couple years ago. Not tonight, though, since I'm trying to be sensitively ribald.

Nika's son said, "I'm too old for balloons." Woops! That earned him a breast balloon, complete with areola and nipple. He was a real champion, he took it in good nature with his mom laughing good naturedly about it, too. He's moving into a college dorm tomorrow...

Don't know that I'd want to bring an inflatable boob to my first day of college life. I think I last saw it repurposed as a sculpture in the onion dip.

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