Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, June 30, 2005


I am SO ready to stop driving on petroleum. I've seen several positive steps forward today.

1) Found an insurer for the Sparrow.

2) The Alameda Credit Union can write a loan for (my) Sparrow. We have a few EVs on the Island, so they knew what I needed. Being self-employed is an added hurdle, but we've got a great big wad of self-employed people on the Island, so the credit union is comfortable with this aspect, too.

3) The dealer gave me another couple of days to get my financing lined up. Thanks, Jim!

4) Alameda Power & Telecom told me (when I called) that yes, there is a special rate for people who charge an EV, and there are currently 9 customers taking advantage of this service. Do I want the paperwork mailed to me, or will I come get it?

Nine customers? I know there are more than 9 EVs on the Island. Perhaps the rate isn't advantageous enough to merit working with?

The principle of non-attachment sure is easy to describe and hard to do well. I am finding more and more subtle ways to trip myself up. This task, of showing how a family (my family), deeply embedded in Western consumption, can be gently transformed to live a sustainable lifestyle, is my holy work. And so I'm very passionate about it. Sometimes that enthusiasm gets subverted into excitement about a thing, like this car, and I begin to cling to the object and I start to strain and push and attempt to control the transaction.

This morning, I put the project back into God's lap, and let go the strain of the doing. I hold the enthusiasm, but I don't hold the worry, the anxiety, the "push" to have this transaction occur in a particular way. And look! Things moved. Thanks, God.

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