Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, May 09, 2005

Choose, then serve, your God

"You should let people know you're a Catholic who does yoga," said Rebecca. "People want to know that sort of stuff. I think it's interesting."

I also drink beer, try to be a good husband and father, and strive to give my clients more than they ask for. What's pertinent? What's important? It's all just my individual experience of Cosmic Consciousness' expression.

What does seem important, is to choose, then serve, your God. Some seem forever to be seeking their path, never realizing that they are already on their spiritual journey. They begin to blend superstition and faith, trying to "get religion" as a sort of talsiman to ward off evil. If God calls you, then you'll come to Him, from where ever your starting place is. It's important to pick a starting place, and realize that's all it is. Hold on to it, and God's call will never flower within you. Flit from one organized religion to the next, and His seed will never take root in your quest.

There are some starting places which are surely more distant than others; Wicca, superstition, Science of the Mind, and so on, but they are all steps on what Bhudda taught as the Eight-fold Path. Want a better life? Then live the life you're in!

My own journey took me from Catholicism as an instrument of factual indoctrination about spirituality, through a back door to yoga, in which I've gained some direct experience of my relationship with God and His Son, Jesus, and their Gift to Humanity, the Holy Spirit. I remember learning a lot about English as a language when I studied Spanish. Likewise, I've discovered a richness to Catholicism through my study of yoga.

Rebecca went on, "Unless you can't say it, because they'll excommunicate you or something."

"No, no," I laughed. "The Church has much bigger things to worry about than that. Besides, there really isn't any conflict between my faith and my yoga. The two inform and enrich each other."

Like so much of this world, there really isn't a conflict as the larger issues come into play. The important thing is to know we are to choose our way, all the way back home.

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