Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Still no dryer, but other good things

...and it's all my fault. I've just been terrifically busy.

"Busy" in the sense of doing the things I'm supposed to do, like rediscovering community. My parents did a great job, at the height of the neighborhood cocktail hour era. I recall Mom making "Oscars" and having all the neighbors bring home movies over, and we watched each other's movies and conducted an awards ceremony.

I was smart enough to tell my friend Rebecca "yes" to an excursion to San Francisco on the ferry to celebrate her birthday, along with some other friends. I was further smart enough to grab coupons so we each saved $2, and I was also smart enough to create a little bit of grace beforehand; I bought a bottle of champagne to toast with on the ferry trip over, and I drew champagne glasses on my paper cups.

What was great about this, is I didn't want to add to the plastic burden of the earth, but champagne should never be sipped from a paper cup. By giving myself time to make the paper cups into something more, with a simple little drawing, I communicated to my fellow revellers that we could declare these to be champagne glasses, and they would be.

That's the sort of graciousness and playfullness I am instilling into my life. It's what I can have when I live sustainably, because I'm not so busy just getting from A to B. I've got the time to do the good things inbetween.

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