Monday, May 23, 2011


Cleaning out the refrigerator, I end up with a collection of bottles and containers formerly holding the last bits of condiments and food. Food stuffs I had already decided I would never finish eating.
A big part of sustainability is being careful what I buy at the store so that I have less stuff to throw away.
Tonight I removed about 20 pounds of compostible (food) waste from the kitchen and another 10 or so recyclable packaging.
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  4. Thanks for the post - it is so easy to end up with so much packaging in the fridge!


  5. Good stuff yo! Composting is a great way to turn that "waste" into life!

  6. I have been there and done that as well! I have tried putting my green glasses on when I go shopping. I really try and be aware of what it is I really need and all of the wasted packaging around goods.