Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A whole clothesline of salvaged clothes

For summer I am getting a dorm ready for fall. When we move the furniture I find a lot of stuff, mostly books, papers, and clothes. I take home about a fifth of the clothes I find, figuring that if they don't fit I can make them into something, and today I washed this week's findings in the bathtub and hung them out to dry in the sun.

There were 2 skirts,
12 shirts,

and two sweaters.
I thought I'd post over here instead of on my regular blog because I reduced waste in two ways, by salvaging clothes and by line drying. Tangent- This redeems me from the fact that today I drove 12 feet for almost no reason- parking is very tight on my street and the neighbors don't like to see a neighbor's car parked in front of their house for too long so my housemates and I all switch off which neighbor we park in front of. Q: does it really hurt anyone to have to walk a little extra to get to their car? Isn't it just petty, and therefore being petty back is called for? A: I have no way of knowing other people's physical limitations, and I have at least 3 friends for whom a comparable distance is a difficulty, and they are decades and decades younger than my neighbors. So I move my car.

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