Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cold Water from a Hot Tap

One of the water heaters stopped functioning. The other one. Karl and I replaced the first of these some time ago; they were contemporaries and we knew this one would need replacing too. We asked it to wait until October. It did. We asked it to wait a little longer; it did. Finally a couple weeks ago it gently stopped.

If we actually get to short sell the house we are considering replacing it. If the house goes all the way to foreclosure then the bank can deal with it.

The impact of being down a water heater is we are boiling water in the kitchen to wash dishes. It's a bit like camping. Xena said, "After a few days, camping in your own kitchen isn't so much fun." Betsy and Jori are bathing over at the common house. Our bathroom still has plenty of hot water, thankfully. But neither kitchen does.

Hot tap water is such a given for people in developed countries. We've "solved" that hygiene issue so we can now focus on Pink's performance at the Grammy's. Or we can debate whether FoxNews is fair or balanced.

I'm sort of wondering what a "live simply" week would look like. Could I inspire people to live without electricity, heat, and potable water for a week? Or perhaps to live without relying on the infrastructure for a week?

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