Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A House in Transition

In typical Bob fashion, I am casting a possible negative as a positive.

My housemates are moving out. What I imagine happened is that a former housemate "poached" my current housemates. She's avoiding me, so I haven't asked her.

What is in fact happening is that Karl, Nini, Liz, and Renee have found a home to share together on the other side of town. Karl tells me it's a big gorgeous house, not requiring the amount of work this house requires, but having a large south facing backyard ready for planting.

It sounds great.

The new landlord called me while checking referrals. The thought did cross my mind to tell her that these were terrible renters; perhaps then she'd turn them down and I could keep them! But I didn't do that. I told her the truth, that they are great people and great tenants.

Years ago, before I even started this blog, one of my goals was to forge a community that spawned other communities. Here it is! A houseful of people who have lived together under this roof, now going off to be their own collective, propagating the dream, and bringing it to a new neighborhood! Yay! Amazing! As I described this vision to people years ago, they all looked at me askance... yet now this is exactly what is happening.

I really enjoyed getting to know these folks. I'm daunted at the prospect of finding new good folks. The word is already out a little, and people who are looking for bargain basement living costs have already begun emailing, "I have $300 a month I can spend, do you have room for me and my kids?"

I really wish you well, people who need to find out how to get by on even less than I have. I don't know how you'll do it. However, I'll be looking specifically for housemates who are on the Abundance train. I've got to take care of my own basics before I can be of any help to others. I've got to keep building my connections within community so I have the support to do the bigger works as they are asked of me.

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