Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Filtering Water

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I do not filter water.
Right now I feel a little bit sick.
I think the reason might be all of the art supplies I was putting in my mouth today.
I do that while I think what to paint, and sometimes because it is faster than dipping into the water cup.
Mostly, charcoal and titanium white acrylic paint, but also some graphite and conte.
I do this rather often, but today I had an art marathon lasting 7 hours, and my tongue tasted bad when I was done.
I had a bit of a headache.
I tried to drink some water, but my mouth tasted sort of bad, so I resolved to filter my water and keep out toxins.
The toxins in paint are more concentrated than the toxins in tap water.
I dissolved my water resolve and formed an art resolve.
Ashley's dog, Tali, ate something poisonous to her, vomited foam all over the upstairs, and is at the vet overnight.
The house is quiet and has no animal leavings in it tonight.
I am staying up to enjoy it.
I am not enjoying my headache.

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