Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, March 12, 2009


In an effort to use the vertical space in our massive tall house, we have built a loft for one of the girls and we are building one for Dad's office, probably for me to use when I stay there. Nick and I slept there before it was finished (he had to bc of flooding in his real room and i had to bc i was home for the weekend) and it was a little scary because there was no rail and it is really quite high up, like if i were going to guess the max number of bunks you could fit vertically in that room I would say 4, but instead we have just put in the top one.

I know this is not a very impressive maneuver, so let me explain: we had all kinds of dangling, death defying fun while my camera lay forgotten in the other room, and hours later, before bed, I offered to take pictures (Dad's camera is lost). So Dad gamely posed with the drill, and then I was like "Dad! Dad, do a trick!" so that wimpy holding himself up using only all of his limbs was the result. Then probably he fell asleep <5 minutes later.

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