Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

Nicholas' school had an in-service day, so I decided to take him up snowboarding. In a bizarre twist of synchronicity, Xena called me up.

"Bob, the dishwasher is overflowing. What should I do? And, the garbage disposal is backed up. Isn't there a reset button on it, somewhere?"

How come plumbing issues arise whenever I take a break? Does the house know whenever I have left for some "me" time? When I check in, this doesn't feel like my life lesson. So I am going to ignore it until it becomes obvious that it is, or isn't.

BTW, staying the night before at Joe and Mary's on the way to the snow really helps settle me out from my regular life. The snow was amazing. I had a huge amount of fun, having never experienced powder conditions before. Up on the lifts, I reflected how amazing my life is: as I left home, huge batches of chocolate chip cookies were coming out of the oven ("Here! have a few for the road!"), as I drove up I spent less than $10 on gas, I got to talk middle-aged married people stuff with Joe and Mary, I borrowed great equipment and my muscles and reflexes were in great shape for the runs.

Life is yummy.

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