Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, November 07, 2008

Typical. Other People's Good Deeds Boost My Mood

Karl, Nini, Liz, Betsy, Jori, Crafty Girl, Puppy Girl, Aaron and Jess are packed and off to Yosemite for a quick visit. Xena, Nick and I could have gone, too... except Xena left me here while she goes up to Seattle on a work trip and Nick is feeling not-so-well in his throat and chest, and the upstairs toilet is starting to leak through the ceiling of the downstairs when it gets flushed, and I wanted someone to go with to see my friend Lisa dance tonight, so I sat down to write a poor-lonely-me post--

But instead, in my email, is a message from Village Harvest! Next weekend, the 15th, they'll be harvesting fruit from homeowners' over-burdened trees in the Palo Alto area. Volunteers get first dibs, and the rest of the fresh fruit feeds the hungry. NBC Nightly News will be filming them that day, too! More info is at Village Harvest. Or call (888) FRUIT-411 to join in.

Someday, after I've fixed the drain and toilets and doors and walls and floors and relationships I will have the energy to spearhead fruit harvests in my area. Until then, I can get vicarious joy from this truly sustainable practice that brings community, local food and social justice together.

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