Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Triumphant Election

Crafty Girl and her mama put up some nice posters out front of the house: "Be the change you would see in the world" and "Obama/Biden."

Later, watching the returns in the common house, she wanted to know, "Now that he's won, will he come visit us?"

Hank pondered a moment. "You know, it's just possible that permaculture will come across his radar. You do know that the ABC news clip about us went international? So, possibly... possibly."

We were impressed with McCain's concession speech, and sad that his supporters were so ungracious in defeat. But then, the Republicans have been trying to win based on fear and hatred, so I suppose it's not much surprise that their crowds are a bit ugly. McCain showed some real statesmanship on the podium. Good men like him deserve better supporters.

We noticed in Obama's speech, that by using a 106-year-old woman's life story, he also laid out a 100 year goal. Have we ever had a present ask us to think that far in advance?

I am filled with hope and gratitude right now.

Later we joined some of the rowdy people dancing and hoorah-ing on the streets.

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