Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Passing

Tomorrow is the home school group's Halloween party, and my birthday. Now that Nicholas is enrolled in public school, we're not going to their events, and I find that I miss all those little kids. I really got a kick out of pushing them on the swings. Or swimming and playing water-tag.

Perhaps I'll let go my thoughts of being some weird stalker dad and go and see all their costumes. Once a home-schooler always a home-schooler?

The other transition is that I resigned my networking group today. My design business is becoming second-fiddle to the solar power business. While word-of-mouth marketing could be a powerful part of the marketing for the new company, I have to sell it to the management first. Meanwhile, no more oh-dark-thirty Wednesday mornings for me!

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