Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Little Lonely

I am having fun imagining where Xena is, even as I sit and work, or do laundry, or listen to Nicholas tell me about his D&D game. She's been on her trip just a couple of days, and so I don't really miss her... much. Except I do, because other times when we would go three or five days without seeing each other, I knew she was available by phone, and I could even sometimes wrangle a quick dinner or a few minutes in the car between doings.

She's completely out of communication. Right now she's somewhere between Cloudsrest and Tuolumne.

So I find myself wishing for a good friend, a dear friend, to just sit with, to share the bits of the day that are interesting, to think about tomorrow, to agree that parking tickets for alternate week street sweeping suck, to celebrate the jobs I got done today. To do this as naturally with me as a wife does, as a cousin does.

I've been this kind of friend for other people. It's currently missing in my life, and so the absence of my wife is felt a bit more acutely than circumstances warrant.

Oh- and she has my camera. I'll need to borrow one from somewhere to do an interview later this week.

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