Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zone 5: Utah's Escalante

Zone 5 is where a permaculturist doesn't make any changes to nature, but rather is inspired by Her ways. The slot canyons of southern Utah are a great spot to get inspired, and specifically for me, I recalled much of the water vortex work done by Viktor Schauberger.

Carrying 40 to 50 pound packs, with water shoes, through snow-melt streams filled with submerged rocks and holes we might step into up past our waists was as much adventure as I could handle. Note the backpacking shoes getting a free ride!

Our last day, we did a quick hike through a dry canyon. I took a little time here. I tried to slow down enough that I could "hear" the rock, like I do when I stand on a granite dome in the Sierras. I really couldn't do it. I did sense, though, echoes of the water that flows here.

This is a short post; I'm still working on re-integrating with the hectic lifestyle we live here in zones 1 through 3. I have so much to write about, and hopefully you can wait a bit!

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