Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, March 07, 2008

Blogger Convergence - Jori and Betsy

We got an email some time back about a couple who are touring the country in their veggie-oil bus. "We're visiting national parks as well as intentional communities and other interesting places."

Well, we certainly might qualify as an "interesting place," plus we've got the whole community thing going. After checking with my housemates and my wife, I called these two to get the ball rolling and formally invite them.

"We're in Placerville right now," said Betsy. "We'll be staying another couple of days, and then we'll be looking for some veggie oil to fuel up the bus."

"I think instead of asking you for a firm arrival date, I'd rather you just call me about 24 hours ahead," I said.

"Even with the uncertainty of collecting waste oil, negotiating with a restaurant owner and all that, I'm fairly certain we can give you more notice than that," she said.

Hmm, I wonder what having them around will spark?

You can check out their journey so far at the Travels of Jori and Betsy.

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