Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gathering into the stillness

Two weeks ago, I lost my bag that I carry my everything in. Wallet, digital camera (it was misbehaving, anyway), checkbook, contact file, to-do lists and several rather important tasks I was procrastinating about... as far as I know, I simply left it outside the door of my car and drove away from it.

I felt lighter in my soul than I have in years.

Of course, I've had to change bank accounts, cancel credit cards, and I lament the loss of so many valuable contacts. As for the tasks I've been avoiding, I am confident they will catch up with me.

Our society demands a certain level of proficiency just to to be part of it: literacy, social skills, financial skills, addressing an envelope and putting a stamp on it and putting it into the mailbox, signing up for email, upgrading software, putting gasoline into the car... remembering what you were doing after getting interrupted...

I'm tired, aren't you?

I am currently in a place that feels sort of like the pause between breaths. I am contracted. I am still.

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