Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Precious, precious water

My friend David Sylvester sells Nikken products. He came over with a loaner water purifier and tank, which I'm using to try to wean my family off bottled water.

There is a spring, near the foot of Half Dome, somewhere around mile 7. I remember drinking the most refreshing water of my life from that spring. The water from this Nikken tank tastes remarkably similar. One of the cool things is there are rocks (yes, rocks!) in the bottom of the tank, slowly leaching minerals into the water. This mineral rich water is healthier for you; water is an alchemical "universal solvent," and drinking water that is too pure will take minerals out of your body!

Call David at (925) 895-7330 for your loaner, trial run filter system, and see if this water isn't just the best you've ever tasted. And stop buying plastic bottles full of water shipped in from some other watershed.

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