Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I've got a thick skin.

Or a thick head.

Or both.

When a friend starts teasing me about my eco-sainthood and wondering if she's worthy of my friendship because she buys new stuff and doesn't scrounge around finding used carpet or empty 55 gallon drums, I have to wonder if I'm sending the wrong message through this blog.

Look, the thing is, we all start wherever we start. I happen to be in the "What can I re-use and save from the landfill" place. I'm also in the "How do I make more money" place. I'm also in the "Can I discover and develop 'green-collar' jobs" place. I'm in the "How do I ease up, pull over, enjoy the ride, and build for a future" place.

If you're in the "I buy organic local food" place, that's great! If you're in the "I don't own a car" pplace, that's great too! Or the "I own my house and get to make choices about pesticide use" place, or "I purchase carbon offsets" or "I volunteer at an afternoon youth program" or "I collect food for meals for shut-ins" or "I write my congressional representative about the issues I care about" places, that's great!

Welcome to the sustainability revolution. Equitopia is being fashioned right now, by all of us.

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