Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Okay, Bob, so what do you WANT?

There are these projects:
1) Setting up an income stream that supports me and my family.
2) Retrofitting our 3100 square foot, single-family hame into a multi-tenant property and selling the units to cohousing members.
3) Designing and implementing a company that acquires under-utilized investment properties of 2 to 4 units per building, and retrofitting them into clusters of eco-villages.
4) Hosting urban permaculture seminars at properties undergoing this transition to train prospective owner/tenants about how to live in an eco-village.

It seems to me that Item 3 is the one that would lend itself to pitching to an investor. Item 4 shows how to set up a stream of people to create sustainable demand for the units that come out of Item 3.

Item 1 feels immediate, and hangs up my brain. I'm in the middle of learning to operate without fear of an impending future. Some might think it looks like I'm working without a net. My net is merely more subtle than would be comfortable for most people. I want seed money so I can pursue either Item 2 or Item 3.

Item 2 could provide the start of a rolling fund for item 3. Conversely, item 3 could fund item 2, at a liesurely, thoughtful pace.

I see plenty of places for other people and organizations to play along. I want to support people in their areas of expertise. While doing my part to transform the world.

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