Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My blog is biased (duh!)

Just a quick reminder:

This blog is a journal, not journalism. It is my point of view and my opinion. I make every effort to tell the truth, but I write the truth as I see it. I feel there's great value in sharing my life in this way. I'm writing about living just beyond my comfort zone. I'm hoping to inspire others to step outside with me, by demonstrating that even when it's hard, it's not impossible. Even when it's scary, the day still ends and you can go to sleep.

I try very hard to report about how I am affected by events, how I feel, what my choices are, and to leave other people's stories to themselves. When I choose to recount events so I can describe my triggers, the recounting is done with the intention of granting the reader a window into my soul. I rarely post entries written while agitated. I'll save them and come back and edit them for clarity and to minimize slander. These entries tend to reflect the attitudes of the man I am becoming, not who I am today.

Thanks for being here, everyone, and for enjoying this journey alongside me.

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