Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, January 19, 2007

Action-man (sky flying red center hero)

Let me see if I can even remember all the great things and the busy-ness of the last few days.

Nope, I can't.

I guess it's sorta like labor.

I do remember being a multi-tasking fool as I went to client meetings, did networking, met deadlines, landed more jobs, finally made my income targets for the first time in weeks and weeks, facilitated community meetings, drove a rental car, got the radiator replaced in the van, arranged the trade for the Geo Metro, and still had a bit of time to spend with each member of my family.

All things this week were like this example from today: In between downtimes while working on a project, I added up that trailering the broken van to Vacaville and then trailering the Metro back (for no reason, since it's running, other than I would have a trailer) would cost $160, and a new radiator would be $260.

My office mate, Clara, came in late and I promptly asked her to drive me down to Emo's, who had diagnosed the van, and then follow me to the radiator shop. Delightful lady, she said yes. I dropped the van, she drove me back to work, I hopped in the rental car and returned it with a good half hour to spare on the contract. Gina's coffee shop "Tumble and Tea" is practically next door to the rental place. I stopped in and got a great lead on some work and a free cup of coffee.

I rode my bike home, took care of chickens and did a wee bit of housework. I closed up chicken duty, and Wowlvenn, one of my cohousing neighbors, asked me what I was going to do next. I said I didn't know, but felt certain the next thing would present itself momentarily. She said, "Can I borrow a toilet plunger?"

Odd, I had really felt the next thing would be announced by a phone call. I got her our plunger, and my phone rang: the van was ready. I biked and BART'd to the shop, paid the bill, noticed it was 3pm, called Nick on my way home to ask if he wanted a ride. "Sure!" he said.

I called Dannielle, our chiropractor, and asked if she had an opening. "Yes, if you can get here by 3:30," she said. I did, with Nick in tow, so we both got adjusted. I then went produce shopping at the Alameda Natural Grocery, where nothing interesting happened.

Nick made dinner for the two of us, Caity arrived and left to babysit, the street began to get rowdy, Clare sounded really concerned so I went out and talked with the neighborhood kids a bit while Xena snuck past me somehow.

Nick then beat me at a board game.

I also made some headway on the investor summary document for the project.

I bet this capability and capacity comes from letting go searching for meaning and connection for each minuscule thing. Oops, I just did the searching for understanding thing again, didn't I? Boy that is a tough habit for me to break.

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