Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, December 10, 2006


This is a blog about computers. It is a blog and not a conversation with someone because everyone has gone to sleep.

I was at and there are loads of adverts on it. One was a cute one from apple, the I'm a PC and I'm a Mac ones. I went to look at all of them on the, there are about 12, actually. These two people personify their computer type, which is pretty clever but then the other applications are also personified. The best one is this one where this girl is meant to be a digital camera. That paragraph was probably very obtuse, but if you go and look you will see.

I think no one gives their non favorite sort of computer a chance, because whichever kind is other is crap, kind of like a lot of things. But I have had to use PCs at school and at home for months now. And yeah, they are crap, but people are too hard on them. My seven year old imac has crashed lots of times, and so far the school computers have never crashed and i can't remember Mom's laptop crashing. And PCs aren't intuitive but I'm not a moron, so once I figure out a little circuitous path to accomplish something the next time I do it automatically, it's not a very big deal.

I love my imac so much because it is my first computer, but it is heavy and does not get the internet. As long as I can find it an outlet I will keep using it, but I can't set up the internet myself and my family won't give it the internet so at home I use Mom's laptop. Also for college I want a little white laptop. Refurbished would be okay, that is what my ipod is and it is perfect.

I think maybe imacs are for nontechnical people, because right now my three thoughts about my college laptop are 1) It needs to get the wireless internet from everywhere on campus 2) is nailpolish the only kind of paint that will stick to the plastic casing for personalization purposes (I'm thinking a sakura branch or a frog) and 3) I should ask Mom what kind I'll get so I can find out the dimensions and knit it a safe little case.

And at college I will have one folder on my desktop called college. In it will be five folders for my classes. Those will each have two folders, one notes and one assignments. So many folders. Because I have surprisingly enough never mastered keepign track of papers. And then the big desktop college folder will be copied onto my thumbdrive! I have two. They are both a little bit ugly.

One is a jumpdrive secure! that I was supposed to set a password to access the secure part, and i could allocate how much was going to be secure, but I couldn't figure out how to set the password and Mom wouldn't do it for me unless I told her the password (so she could set it and so I wouldn't lose all of my files; I am not too good at that stuff). And that made me feel not at all like a spy with loads of secret technology and since that is what I had been pretending (And I think I was 15 when I got my thumbdrive- people do tell me I'm childish and childlike and they are mostly right) I got angry and went upstairs. So my jumpdrive secure! is actually not. Also I lost the cap to it. Which a spy would never do because what if she has to go through a rainstorm or dust? Then her information is jeopardized, and who does that?

I really wish someone was awake.

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