Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, September 18, 2006

Art Car Fest, How Berkeley!?, PB&J

I had a busy day yesterday. Here's some pics.

A wonderful bit of road sculpture. The eyes glow blue.

A delicious mermaid (note the SS Alpha Fox [Star Trek Meter-Reader car] in the back-you'll see that again soon) complete with lemon wedges and garnishes.

Move 'em out!

I left Berkeley and took Nick to Alameda's Peanut Butter Jam. Skippy peanut butter got invented there! It was the first peanut butter that didn't seperate. It's a street fair that features local artisans, such as the Crucible. I watched a glass blower ply her craft. The Crucible also had set up a small forge.

The bands this year were amazing. I danced.

Nick found a small friend.

After PB&J, I went to my first warehouse party. I sort of knew that people lived inside containers in big warehouses, but I'd never been privy to the reality of it.

I could live like that.

Breathing fire is fun. Be sure to only breathe out.

The SS Alpha Fox lights up.

This little car has some prodiguous propane gun power. The couple who own it have a little baby who sleeps blissfully through roaring heat of the thing. I wonder if I'll ever make an art car that shoots fire?

I met a rather amazing artist, Margot Lovinger. Her art car story is not like mine; she'd been painting cars and lowering their resale value for years before finding out that anyone else made art cars. Me, I had mine for just about a year before hooking up with Philo. Margot "paints" with fabric. Her work is pretty one-of-a-kind, and beautiful. She's in a couple of galleries, but always looking for more representation. I admire an artist that is doing the business of being in business. I hope all her dreams come true!

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