Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tony Blair, global warming, and California

Ten years ago, when the first evidence for human-caused global warming began to be presented, I sat up and took notice. I recall many conversations with people over the years who refused to consider such a thing was even possible.

As the years roll on, am I tempted to say "I told you so?" Only a little bit.

Instead, I'm learning about how our habits are contributing to the problem, and I'm learning how to undo my own excesses while hopefully inspiring others to do the same. This blog is all about discovering methods to reduce my ecological footprint, to use resources with greater efficiency, and to become more flexible in terms of shelter and lifestyle so I can adapt to whatever is going to happen.

The UK and California are negotiating an accord (not a treaty!) to address the issue of global warming. Since the warming is caused by the largesse of human activity through our market economy, it makes perfect sense to me that large economies would bypass the federal government to negotiate how to ensure they'll have consumers in a few decades The Catholic Church doesn't allow birth control... families of cradle Catholics ensure continuity of the faith. Why wouldn't we expect the largest economies of the world to begin to look after their families?

I told my kids that by the time they could drive, that electric cars would be readily available. I never thought to tell them that agri-business might collapse. Rising sea levels? More powerful storms? I didn't foresee those things. We've driven through the Sierras over the years and watched the southernmost glacier vanish. I'm still waiting for electric cars to become widespread, but meanwhile I've discovered biofuels, community supported agriculture, and online tools like the Ecological Footprint.

And, I finally caught up with the Permaculture crowd. Many of these folks are already living lifestyles that are resource-skimpy, community rich, and robust enough to weather this trial. While it's not the future that I thought I'd be able to leave to my children's children, it's a good one.

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