Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Too many arcs?

Ever watch a program that has too many story arcs?

My life feels like that. I can't even delineate them all. What I do know, is that when a realively minor thing pops up and it brings an entire chain of goals to a halt, I have enough going on that I simply jump to a different set.

There's the downstairs watercloset. I've got to finish fixing up where the toilet had had its problem. There are a couple of bolts in the floor, and they've corroded out. So fresh bolts are ready, but somehow drilling out the old stumps and epoxying in the new ones has to happen before I can reseat the new toilet.

A roommate offered to find out how this is done, but the answer hasn't come yet. So that project is in limbo.

Moving in to my bedroom is in limbo. Waiting for painting to get finished. As is setting up the kitchen, setting up the compost, setting up storage space, setting up the internet access...

I keep asking for and receiving enrollment and buy-in from people, since this job is too large for me to do myself, and people take a single whack at whatever they've agreed to and then they give up. Then they don't come find me to tell me they've given up... I get to find out on my own.

There's a real divergence of priorities. Caitlan and Drea made a cute little hippo face out of a toilet seat. But I need the drawers in the kitchen to get repaired. Scott is in near flip-out mode becuase the counters in the kitchen are 2/3 covered in appliances, junk piles and dishes drying on the rack. I need him to not throw my tuna salad out of the refrigerator just because it looks gross to him. Nicholas is making forts in his room, and I need him to unpack as much as he can so I can see what more storafe he needs. Xena drives to San Luis Obispo and picks up furniture that's been in storage for 14 years. I need her to look around at the house and pick up whatever task she mosts wants done and get it done.

And the whole time, everyone has their lives. We don't really spend any time working through these things. But we will!

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