Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Work is Play.

I'm feeling a bit... disappointed, that I haven't participated in Half-Nekkid Thursday for a couple of weeks. While we were homeless, I made an extra effort to keep up all the pieces of my life. Now that I have a home, are they less important? I suppose it's true, I used rituals to stand in for "home," and along the way, learned something about what "home" really means.

The days are full of working on the house, working on recovering the trust of my clients, working on leading my family, and working on sowing the seeds for the next phase of my bigger goals. Does that sound like a lot of work? Yes! Thank goodness having "work" is wonderful to me. So don't tell me I need time to play, too, becuase my work is my play!

I am spending far less time fretting (or trying not to fret) and more time accomplishing things. Even at places where others are having fun, I end up with the opportunity to do a little work. I went to a Solstice Party at Christopher Shein's permaculturally retrofitted home, and had a fantastic connection with Nik Bertulis and Kat Steele, about developing a seminar to introduce people to the idea of an investment group using a land trust model to retrofit the urban environment with permaculture principles, creating affordable housing and revitilizing community along the way.

Was that work? You bet! But what can be better, than doing the work I am here to do? What is more playful, than stepping into the role of Inspirator?

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