Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Here is how i am: I am extremely squeamish, but I am not proud of this squeamishness, and so when possible I refuse to indulge it.

Mold is one thing that I can't get the hang of not being squeamish over. And so when our house had nothing in it to eat as breakfast (no eggs, no milk, no fake sausage, no fruit, no food bars) i decided to have toast, not breakfast toast but dinner toast, on garlic bread. I toasted it up and flipped it over to butter it, and it had grown a little circle of gray green mold. And so I threw it away, even though a reasonable person would have torn the mold off and eaten the rest. But I was very hungry (as opposed to starving). There was no convenient food in the whole house, only condiments and frozen garlic bread and triscuits and canned beans and pasta. Also I had just stopped our free refrigerator from molding, so it was smelly like mold and I was afraid of it. I am always afraid of used things, like bathrooms or books, until I get used to them.

And so obviously we needed new food. And also obviously, I had to get it myself.

I sat down with Drea, my roommate Dad found in permaculture class, and she showed me how to get to emeryville. She told me about a big bridge and pointed me in the right direction and indicated our position on the little bus map I had got out to show her.

And then I rode my bicycle, rode and rode, until I got to Trader Joe's. I got lost lost lost, but the thing is when you want to do a thing and it is right to do a thing and it is possible to do a thing, you must do it.

And then I bought food! Lovely food!

And then I bought water, for I was UNPREPARED for my ride.

And then I went home, and the scary bridge of emeryville was so hard to get over! Augh, it hurt my legs and took a long time, but the descent! Wheeeeeee! That is what is good about biking, it is like swimming with the built in avoidance of overheating. Wheeeee!

And then I got lost in Berkeley, which is right near my house but nicer. And then I was home! Because, because I can do anything, as can you, it is really only a matter of trying.

And perhaps I am overtramatizing a trip to the store.

But it is important to me.

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