Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Signing loan papers!!!!!

We're getting funded for our loan! As for the other half of the story, thank you for your prayers and well wishes and intentions. Change is coming. I like change when it is part of growth. I think I will like what ends up happening.

I've got some journaling to do in the private section.

Okay, so this is Aileen, with the title company, and me, and Kale, and Jenny. Xena is out of frame. Kale worked hard and brought his creativity and knowledge to the entire transaction. I think the memory I will carry longest about working with him, above even the energy and dedication of him and his assistant Taleena, is a midnight phone call. Xena and I had just discovered the final contingencies had been removed, and we weren't even close to getting funded. Or maybe we were, but we just didn't know it.

Kale talked us down from our panic, and helped us think about the deal in non-emotional ways. Sure, he might have been merely salvaging his commission, since we were ready to abandon the whole thing (we were operating on days of 3 and 4 hours of sleep, living in other people's homes and trying to keep our children's commitments too- yes, we were beyond the beyond then). But more than merely pulling a deal back from the brink, he really helped Xena to see beyond the immediate nothingness and into a future where there's actually something. I think her courage got a footing that night. He's a big thinker, a calculated risker, who has the strength to put out a clear intention and then wait for it to come back. It was great to see that modelled, and some of it rubbed off.

Jenny was instrumental in getting the money together. If you've never taken out a loan for a house, just know that it's a crazy process that is both carnate and incarnate, visceral and ethereal, legal and spiritual. Jenny operates on both those planes, and can meet someone wherever they come at the process. The loan I ended up with is not very exciting, but that's a function of my income and credit score. I'm really thankful that I got a loan at all! I'd hoped to better utilize her skills in creating loan products for TICs and other cohousing funding, but I have yet to find who my cohousing partners will be.

That's okay. I've secured the property. We'll pay the mortgage while we find our partners.

OMGosh, I get to start on the physical space for the Home of the Future project!!! YAY!

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