Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, March 31, 2006

Rocket Racing League is my fault!

I was designing a mission patch for the XCOR EZ rocketplane with Aleta at about the same time I was doing a little design work for Velocity aircraft. As she dropped hints about their spaceplane, XERUS, I asked if XCOR would entertain the idea of working with an established airframe builder.

So I introduced her and Scott via email. Four years later, they are both working on rocketplanes for the Rocket Racing Leaugue.

Honestly? Since Velocity is building planes based on Burt Rutan's design, it's far more likely that XCOR asked Burt for the contact info. But I like thinking I was their first matchmaker.

Click the picture to see a screenshot of the email I sent the two companies.

(So this is the kind of thing I'm referring to when telling you about the times I'm at the beginning edge of a thing, but until now have lacked whatever the essential element is that would enable me to capitalize on my spark)

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