Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Prayer for my wife


Thank you for creating humans to be lovers, both loved and givers of love. Your love for us is so powerful it becomes the third person in any loving relationship. So you already know my wife's heart, and mine, and you know how much she needs to feel you acting in our lives.

Please, God, You know that I am willing to sacrifice everything at the altar of my life, in honor and glory to You. Give me the strength to be present, alert, and compassionate, alive and engaged with the lady You put in my life, while always holding true to You, my root, my source. I flow from You; You flow through me. Our relationship is everything to me. You know that.

And so, to honor the gift you gave me when my wife came into my life, I would beg you God, to lift up my marriage, to bless it with abundant grace and joy. You know how hard she works, how deep her hopes and dreams run. You gave them to her! Sometimes Your blessings feel like curses; are frail humans able to fulfill Your will without Your help? No! Please, keep revealing to us how to live out the lives you want us to lead. Grant me Your strength, to courageously love her even while her aspirations seem to fly away from her.

Please God, shower Your love on her. Keep her on the path that leads to wholeness, grace and power.

From your servant,


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