Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Permaculture class is a GO!


Well, I'm still a couple hundred short, but I'm not going to worry about it overmuch. There's a link over there to a PayPal item that will send me money in $10 increments, and if your heart moves you to help, please do so.

In any case, the remaining balance will show up for me or it won't. Thank you, everyone who sent me money so I could afford to pay for this class. I stretched your contributions: I took a portion and bought materials and put this logo up on the wall at APC in exchange for a partial scholarship.

There's an aspect of relocalization that I want to become intimate with. It's the idea of values purchasing. It's a refinement of the "you get what you pay for" adage. If you only ever shop on price, you drive the market towards the Wal*Mart solution. That's a system based on scarcity. If rather, you shop according to your principles, then you help drive the market towards what you value. I value people getting paid what they are worth, paid enough to afford health coverage, or receiving a living wage in a foreign land. I also value small local businesses. I value knowing the owner of an establishment in the first-person.

I think I want to promote this as an aspect of doing business with me as a designer. Buying services from me supports a vast range of things that I'm doing, from growing spiritually to making sure my children are wearing cruelty-free clothing. It's a way to expand the money supply, asking for more and getting it, so that I can offer more in return.

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