Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, March 17, 2006

Permaculture class, Friday night the first

Permaculture class has begun! Woohoo!

When I began soliciting for donations, I really had no idea that money would really show up. I have a few negative tapes that run in my head when it comes to fundraising. Heh... I have a few negative tapes on just about any subject!

The format for the class is Friday night for a couple hours, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon, two weekends a month, for three months. It's a total of 90 hours of instruction. I have some reading to do before tomorrow's class. Tonight, we formed community.

What's missing from our Sprawl and dehumanized urban landscape? Community. What do we really want? Community. So why put a bunch of effort into building gray-water systems when the real issue is that we feel isolated? Why not solve the first thing first, and build community?

That's what we did, tonight. A room full of people discovered that we have both sensible and unreasonable fears, that we have achievable and outlandish dreams, and that we already know how to function as a caring, attentive group.

We are linked, already. We share each other's hearts, already. We are each wearing these silly wrist strings which began as one long thread, binding us all. I've never been more pleased to wear a silly bit of string.

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