Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Home of the Future housing update

It's as inevitable as labor, now!

My landlady has sold the house she's living in. She'll be moving out by April 12th. I finally got Xena to tour Yusef's house abutting Mariposa Grove. I drew a quick floorplan from memory a little bit ago. Some quick nuts and bolts: on the ground floor, the yellow space is legal height, so if I wanted to condoize this building with a minimum of fuss, the yellow area would develop into a 800 to 900 square foot dwelling.

I got Xena to look at the house! I parked on the "No Parking, Street Sweeping" side of the street at first, and when I noticed and got back intothe car, she did too. She is so overwhelmed right now, the most loving thing I can do is to powerfully lead on this project.

We walked through, enjoying chatting with Yusef and Joyce. The main floor is very livable. Xena began to get excited, and even laugh a little. I rushed her through the damp, musty ground floor (we've had so much rain lately!), and then to the front space (the yellow area on the floorplan above). She began to talk about what we could use these spaces for. Yay!

By the time we left, she was bubbling. Step one accomplished! I want this house to become a springboard for us to get our lives reconnected to each other, to our kids, to people around us. I can see myself having parties, helping to plant a garden, pruning the trees, moving fences... all the while, getting more and more acquainted with the joy of being needed, and of giving and receiving. I can project myself to a place where I feel tall, I feel joy, I feel a beaming smile on my face.

I can imagine this house becoming integrated into the Mariposa Grove community. I can imagine peace and love, with recovery and discovery, flowing in to my life, and getting multiplied, and flowing back out again.

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