Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sustainable body and spirit

"Do your best."

I've had several people over the last few weeks tell me "Just do your best. That's all anyone can expect." In one case, less than two hours later, the same person told me "You have to do better. You are letting me down."

What if my best just isn't good enough?

Am I fooling myself? Or is the world crazy? Is my reach just so far beyond my grasp that I'm insane to continue? Or is it a noble calling? Is my life to be an example of constant striving without reaching the goal I think I'm aiming for? Am I like the Fourth Magi?

I balance demands of husband, father, homemaker, entrepreneur, friend and activist. I abide in near constant awareness of my connection to God. From His strength, I have the strength to support Xena in her own quest to advance in her career while also carrying a full load of college classes. I have the patience to slow down and help my children with their homework. I have the persistance to encourage everyone to help me with the housework. I have the flexibility to juggle the workload of a couple of dozen clients. I take the time to listen when a friend needs to talk. I am alert to the slings and arrows of the world and I spend a little time attempting to establish peace and harmony in my own heart and in all the relationships this body and soul carry and celebrate.

And still, it's not enough.

If I could work more, we could pay off our revolving debt faster. If I played with the kids more, they'd be happier. If I followed up on my social network better, I could really help paint the local political landscape in more harmonious colors.

Am I blessed, to be attracted to so many things, pulled in so many directions, faced with such abundant opportunities to explore my life and my place in the world? Or am I cursed, the note having come due for decades of promises and moments stolen from the future?

Where, and when, will I find the balance and know that yes, my best is good enough?

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