Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, February 02, 2006

HNT wrap

Emboldened by reading One Red Paperclip and Save Karyn, I asked for help to get to this permaculture class. And bloggers came through: with money, yes, but also with touching and sincere sentiments that I succeed in getting there. Who can fail to marvel at the human spirit? My heart swells with joy at the kindness and support other people offer.

To Rebecca, Anonymous, Madley, Maria, and FunkyB, thank you so very, very much. Words don't capture how happy I am to be this far along in being able to go to this class. Perhaps when I go and take pictures and explain what I've learned, you'll sense the depth of my gratitude.

To all the good people who commented yesterday, thank you. You make me proud to be a human being. What's the proper etiquette? To reply to each? I like that, but I can imagine a day that I don't have the resources to do so. Promise not to get so used to some ritual that in its absence you feel slighted? Okay, then, here we go:

p-boi: Thanks! I hope I get to go.

Lee Ann, C-pants: Thank you!

Lady Lime: I feel your support, thank you.

Jazz: Oh, I will!

Velma, can you feel them looking at your HNT?


Tiffaney: I still don't know where that tattoo is.

Chuck: Yep, and it feels good.

Mergrl: I've got the power of bloggers behind me, luck is superfluous!

Robin the FunkyB: [blush] and [deeper blush]

Blondie: Me too!

Belly: I think so, and soon at least a dozen more people will know, too!

TG: Truth. Hey, they should make that into a commercial, too!

MKbear: Your wishes are enough. Always operate within your body's capacity, okay?

Sunny-D: I heartily accept your assessment, I think you are in a position to know!

Madley: Some faithful reporting is coming your way! Thank you, very much.

Chick: your appreciation brings me to my knees. See me on Sunday! (Okay, that was a little lame-- what did I mean by this? Uh, I'm just gonna move on. Nothing to see here...)

Jill: Thank you (long slow wink).

Bekah: I accept your well-wishes wholeheartedly! Keep up the good work, being a mom. Come on back on Sunday and post your week's biggest success.

Christa: SpamKarma is a worthy cause. Don't fret!

Crimson: yep, money goes well with nearly anything.

M-I-T: Thank you!

Blither: Cheers yourself! I really liked the music in your HNT. I already told you that.

Happy Hiker: Funny? What was funny? :P Well, if you say so, I'll keep working good!

Sign Gurl: I promise to never post another one-eyed money shot.

Blondage: Thanks for the attaboy about the electric car post. Were you maybe fantasizing about all that electricity? Or the delicious way duct tape rips from naked flesh? You perverted republican. I'm glad you're part of Blogland.

Whew! That was a small bit of effort, but you are all worth it! Does it play? Even if not, thank you, each of you, for being part of my journey towards becoming a whole person, fully alive and in joyous harmonious relationship with the world.

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