Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ethanol's benefits

Okay, here's why biofuels are such a big deal, and why I've been so pissed at Pimental's crappy science (see earlier post). This image is generated by a relatively new European Union satellite. It shows concentrations of air pollution (specifically, nitrous oxides, a primary cause of smog-- we can infer other atmospheric toxins from it, though, because we can measure how NOx and sulfur dioxide are related in specific cities). Look at how toxic the air is in the US steel belt, and in China's developing industrial zone, and what the heck's going on up in Canada? Is that air pollution from processing the oil sands?

I circled Brazil, so that geographically impaired people can find it. Guess what kind of fuel Brazil uses for transportation? Yep: ethanol. Brazilians grow their own fuel domestically, and pay about half what we do at the pump. Notice that Brazilian air is nearly free of smog precursor chemicals. It's similar to the air above Tibet.

Makes sense that Venezuela wants to keep shipping oil up to Massachusetts, doesn't it?


  1. Hey Bob! Just found your blog (from a link on Joe's blog). What a great way to stay on top of what everyone else is doing! I'm adding a link to your blog to my site so all our friends can find it easy.

    Great to see what you are up to and into!

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  2. Hi Shoo!

    Man, it's been a while. Glad to have you as part of the blogging community! Thanks very much for tracking me down, I really like it that old friends (and new friends) are interested in my world.