Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, January 21, 2006

David Sylvester

I met with David Sylvester at Julie's (I suppose it's our unnofficial BNI meeting spot). He's a wellness consultant for Nikken. They have a line of products to turn your home into a healthy, happy haven: water purifiers, an air purifier, a couple of fitness products, and a sleep system. Of course, there's a component that sets the Nikken products apart form the other wellness products: magnetics.

I frequent a science forum where the surest way to get beat up on is to use the word "quantum" in a sentence. The second most certain way to get raspberries is a tie between magnetic anything and perpetual motion. The idea that Nikken's magnetic products can have any therapeutic value is hard for me to swallow. That's where David shines. Without any sort of hard sell, he can talk about what Nikken has done for him in his life.

David has cerebral palsy, and his special dialect of English takes several minutes to become familair with. Growing up in Alameda, he was the first disabled person in whatever school he went to, but he never lacked for friends. I'd wager it's his winning personality. His nature is really comfortable and fun.

His own testimonial about how much pain relief he and his wife receive from Nikken products is powerful. He's quite open about the disbelief portion, too: "When I think about it, I can't believe it works. Except that it does work. The sleep system has relieved my wife's migraines, and the magnetic discs have stopped my leg spasms. I just talk to people, let them know they can try it for a week. If it works for them, that's great!"

If you're tired of medicating your pain with pills, if you're open minded about preventing illness rather than treating symptoms, perhaps the Nikken product line has something to offer you. You can reach David at 925-895-7330.

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