Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, December 25, 2005

How I surprised Caitlan

I disguised her iPod mini by using an over-sized box. I cut off a corner to give it an odd shape. I also put some (unpopped) popcorn in one of the cavities.

When she shook it, it made a sound that was very baffling to her.

And when she opened it, she was very surprised. She was certain that the iPod was a gift for her Mom.

Gifts of things really don't match how my heart feels. Caity was a very good girl this year, and a mere thing can't match how proud I am of her, or how much I cherish her. I like doing the extra step of trying to keep a good present a secret. I like finding ways to make people feel loved, and special. And I like that my family lets me buy these sorts of things used, through craigslist or eBay. New stuff is usually just so expensive, in terms of the resources needed to produce it.

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