Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Play Quidditch on a Foosball table!

First, make some changes:

To make bludgers (#2 in the pic), wrap a wine cork with a plastic shopping bag, then wrap it with black tape. Cut the black tape into thin strips, so you can make the bludger pretty smooth. This makes a rugby-ball shaped object, so it travels unpredictably.

A small super-ball makes a good Snitch. I wrapped one in gold tape. Here's how the timing for the Snitch works: Set a kitchen timer for one minute. When it goes off, roll 4 six-sided die. If you get exactly 13, release the Snitch. Otherwise, set the timer for another minute. Keep setting the timer and rolling the die until you get 13.

The Seeker is one of the two goal defenders (using the near one is easier [see arrow #3], the far defender makes it a bit harder); to "catch the Snitch" use this player to trap the Snitch against the side of the foosball table.

In play, use bludgers to help defend your goal, or bat them into your opponent's players so they can't make good contact with the quaffle (arrow#1). If the quaffle gets stuck, go ahead and reset the ball. But don't touch the Snitch once it gets onto the field! If you used a small enough ball, the players won't always be able to reach it. At these times, it's "hiding," and until it gets bumped by a bludger or the quaffle, it's going to stay in hiding.

Each goal is worth 10; if a bludger or the Snitch goes into the goal, just put it back in play. Keep playing until someone catches the Snitch!

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