Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, November 12, 2005

E-Scrap Day

I've resurrected this remote for the downstairs TV a few times. The conductivity of the rubber button is worn down, so I glue a little bit of aluminum foil across the contacts. Then it works until the glue wears out and the foil makes a permanent contact on the circuit.

So I've decided it can get thrown out. The TV it works on is a resurrected TV, too; it got dropped and went to a black screen with green lines. I fiddled with the internal pots until I got a picture back, but the integrated VCR has not worked in years. I suppose we could do without two TVs. Or I could think about replacing it. Hmmm, something to think about in terms of what I want in the family ecology.

Here's the back of the van loaded up with my out-of-date equipment. Yes, that key-board looking thing is a Commodore64! I didn't let go of my old Macintosh 280C laptop. I'll stick it onto eBay and see if I can give it a good home.

There are 5 computers, several keyboards and peripherals, an answering machine, two scanners, and a Laserwriter. There are some busted speakers, cables, and a small stack of dead rechargeable batteries.

We then loaded up a neighbor's two monitors, a dead TV, and a weird copier before heading over to Wilmot's Books to cart off an unused computer they had. And to buy Kerouac's "On the Road" for Caitlan (I'm modeling trip-linking with all this).

The Ferry Point yard was a bee-hive of activity! The extent of residency checking consisted of "What's your zip code?" and while I thought I was stretching the legal limit with the back of my mini-van packed with discardable electronics, there were plenty of other people dropping off as much and more.

I sure feel good about all that stuff getting re-processed and coming back as new products.

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